De-Otherize Dialogue Project

Josie Ygnatowiz

Josie Ygnatowiz is a graduate of UC Berkeley where she received a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and a B.S. in Environment & Society. Josie was able to travel across the Middle East through incredible opportunities such as the Critical Language Scholarship, the Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship, the MidEast Wire’s Erbil Exchange and the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Program where she met inspiring change-makers, survivors, displaced innovators and creators. As a way to bring these inspiring people and their stories into conversation with Americans, Josie co-founded the De-Otherize Dialogue Project in 2018 as a way to bridge the division and stereotypes of the “other” that fuel hateful policies like the U.S. Muslim Ban. She is passionate about immigration justice, cross-cultural communication and revolutionary education to create a more intersectional, equitable and harmonious world.

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